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Office Hours

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

My office is set up to serve you 100% virtually, but for those of you who prefer an in person appointment or to drop off your paperwork instead of scanning, I will be doing an office share with a local attorney in Gladstone.

The address is:

Laura Donaldson

15 82nd Dr., Suite 235,

Gladstone, OR 97027

It is in the Clackamas River Plaza right across from the DMV. You will go into the building and up to the second floor. If you take the elevator, you'll just walk out and head straight down the hallway. If you take the stairs up, you'll turn a hard right at the top and go down to the end of the hall where you should see Suite 235 on your left.

I will have a limited number of in person appointments available, as well as virtual consultations that can be booked here: or feel free to call or email to schedule directly.


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