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2023 Fee Schedule for Casler Financial, LLC

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

My fee schedule for tax year 2023 has been updated and is posted below for transparency and convenience. I charge by the form, so if you would like to estimate how much a return would cost to be professionally prepared, look at the forms that are included in your last years tax return, and use the sheet below to add up what they would cost. I'm happy to help with this also! If you would like a specific quote, contact me and I would be happy to help you.

Since I service a lot of clients with small businesses and investment properties, the average return is usually around $800. However, a basic return with W2 wages will cost around $240, and returns with itemized deductions and credit for kids or childcare usually cost between $400 - $500.

Thank you for your trust in my business and expertise. One of the most valuable things about using a professional to prepare your tax return is that you have an expert essentially on retainer anytime tax questions or concerns come up. I am also available to meet throughout the year to strategically plan for certain life events, estimate quarterly tax payments, or just answer questions regarding business formation or investment strategies.

2024 Casler Financial Fee Schedule
Download PDF • 47KB

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