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Shay Bachelder, LTC,EA, NTPI Fellow

Last year, I obtained the designation of NTPI Fellow. You can read exactly what that means by clicking on the link in the comments if you are interested, but to summarize, I took a rigorous course of study during 2021 and passed a series of tests to become skilled at guiding and representing my clients through tax resolution, audit and collections situations.

During the last 12 months, I have represented 4 clients. Out of those 4 clients, $47,406 in state and federal income tax has been removed from client accounts, and $24,024 in penalties and interest have been abated or forgiven.

So far, I have yet to lose an argument with the IRS or the state of Oregon when representing my clients.

The IRS is ramping up their auditing systems. Now is the time to get into compliance if you have tax returns that need to be filed or collections cases that need to be resolved.

Don't let letters from the IRS or state taxing authorities intimidate you. I can help! Please reach out anytime with questions. I'm here for you :)

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